Here are some of frequently asked questions from our clients, we will be glad to answer any additional questions that are not in the FAQ . We can be reached at info@seerionsales.com.


How do we find the right candidate? +

  • Seerion Sales leverages its staffing and recruitment expertise to provide the highest caliber talent. We are committed to maximizing workforce solutions on behalf of our clients
  • We leverage our comprehensive talent database and our extensive relationships in the Life Sciences marketplace to ensure we are providing the best talent to our clients and helping them maximize their return on investments.
  • Our sales and marketing candidates are based nationwide allowing us to serve our clients across multiple locations.
  • Our Searching & Sourcing Strategies include
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Digital Marketing
  • Job Boards fully integrated with our CRM and ATS systems
  • Existing Candidate Database
  • Strategic Alliances


What is our industry focus? +

  • We are focused on the Life Sciences Industry. We have overĀ  50 years of aggregate expertise in this area and have worked with leading Global 1000, Fortune 500 and Small to medium business in US


Do you provide any guarantee on the Hired Candidates? +

  • We provide a 90 day guarantee, if for any reason the candidate does not work out within 90 days of employment, we provide a free replacement.


What kind of Search do you Provide? +

  • We provide both permanent and contingency Sales Search Support


How long has Seerion been in business? +

  • We have been in Business for 10 Years