Our Recruiting expertise is seamlessly integrated into our Sales Hiring Methodology to ensure we deliver the best talent to you in a sustainable, repeatable process every day of the year<

Our Deep Experience – Seerion has provided Sales Talent to the Life Sciences industries for leading Fortune 500 and SMB enterprises

  • Sales Recruiting Expertise - Seerion recruiters are industry experts and insiders within the Life Science sectors
  • Speed and Efficiency - We have a team of Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech experts that understand industry trends, issues, solutions and best practices. We know how to scout for top sales talent, their skills, their abilities and what it would take to get them
  • State of the Art Recruiting – Our Recruiting processes & technologies, allow us to optimize Life Science Selling skills matching to our customer needs
  • Collaboration – Our Sales Candidates understand the value of collaborating with Life Science industry partners and 3rd party solution providers to effectively sell value and solutions to their customers

Sales Recruitment Methodology

Client Engagement

  • Conduct complete needs analysis with the client that will provide us with all pertinent information required to complete a professional search. Includes brainstorming on how to attract candidates from your top competitors.
  • Build a profile of the ideal candidate against which to screen potential candidates.
  • Obtain client sign-off prior to initiating the search.

Shortlist Profiles for Client Approval

  • Based on client needs and industry analysis , internally pre-screened candidate profiles are shortlisted and sent for client interview.
  • All the profiles are accompanied with interview notes and their pay rates highlighting their strengths, feedback from previous clients with references.

Comprehensive Interview Process

  • Client conducts several interviews at various levels to obtain overall competency and intelligence assessment of each candidate.
  • Seerion’s dedicated account managers obtain candidate feedback and relay the information which can assist the organization in making the recruiting process impactful and informative.

Candidate Selection and Procurement Process

  • For selected candidates, Seerion’s recruitment team will work with the client and the candidate for any salary negotiation requests or any compensation package alterations.
  • Once all parties agree, contract is signed by the candidate with a defined start date.